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Developing Raw Land

Developing Raw Land

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Developing raw land can be equally stressful as it is fulfilling. Completing infrastructure on site and obtaining the permit is the most difficult part of the home building process. Utilities, utilities, utilities… Where is the water coming from? Is a well needed? If so, how deep is the well? Where is the well located in comparison to the home? How big of a water storage tank is required by the Fire Department in lieu of not having City water? If there is access to City water, is there already a water meter installed? If no water meter is installed, who is the water district? In Southern California, a water meter can range between $3,000-~$25,000. Great! Now we’ve handled water, but what about sewer (or septic), gas (or propane), and electricity? We can help! If you are interested in developing raw land, work with a company that can provide a turnkey service; from site plan to handing you the keys to your new home. It’ll take the stress out of the home building process.