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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

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Most home owners are extremely eager to move in as soon as their home hits the property. Which is understandable considering most people can't hold off tearing open an amazon package the second they see it on their door step. Unfortunately, there is MUCH to be done after a home is delivered to the site. In the accompanying picture of a two-section home, only the actual "setting" of the house has been done. This means both sections have been mechanically secured together to State code and the "foundation system" of the customers choice has been installed. The pile of wood and plastic you see in the forefront is the barrier that covers the open sections when they are traveling from the factory to the home site. The next major step is to "close up" the interior marriage line with drywall. Simultaneously the transport cracks will be fixed and then painted to match the rest of the home. After all drywall and painting is done on the interior, the flooring of the customers choice can be installed. We then move to the outside where the homes steps and skirting need to be installed. A/C, garages/awnings will then follow. This is just a quick overview, give us a call to discuss further!