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A Short Guide to Buying Manufactured Homes

A Short Guide to Buying Manufactured Homes

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It’s important to understand the world of modular homes before considering buying one. This guide will allow you to see all facets to consider before the decision making process. With a quick insight into its background, manufactured homes (or mobile homes and modular homes), has increased in quality and popularity over the years. In 1976 the US Department of Housing and Urban Development established a strict code for these mobile homes. This code has substantially improved design, construction materials, durability, and the safety of mobile homes, making them a viable alternative to the norm. Also, with its customizability, this niche market has attracted many home buyers over the years. When you thought manufactured homes had a lot of options, there’s more. Nowadays, you can either purchase a new or a used model. However, there are important areas to cover for each option before choosing right manufactured home for you.

Newly Built Manufactured Homes

One of the main benefits for buying a manufactured home new is the customization options, which allow you to:

    Pick the exact size and layout you’re looking for. When you buy a new manufactured home, you can choose which size is right for your needs. Take a look at our current Floor Plans and see for yourself!Pick the features you need. These features seem endless and is one of the strongest assets of buying a new manufactured home. These can include decks, addition of fireplaces, etc.Customizing the exterior, just as having the option to customize the inside.

These design choices include siding colors and materials, steps, and more. Used Manufactured Homes The main benefit of buying a used manufactured home is the price reduction. If with the lower price, however, you still have to ensure the manufactured home is in good condition and this includes checking the following.

    Check the windows and doors for gaps, cracks and insulation.Test the strength of the flooring and making sure there is no warping.Make sure the insulation under the belly wrap does not have moisture.Ensure walls use 2” by 6” lumber with 16” spaced studs.Inspect to ensure there has been no settling, which can leave the home unleveled.Check anchoring system if it is still sturdy and intact.

The Costs of Buying a Manufactured Home

Buying a manufactured home is a large investment. At Wholesale Manufactured Homes, we also provide financing as we are approved with the top lenders in our industry to give you the best rates out there. Other costs to consider are land costs, transportation cost, insurance, property tax, utilities such as water, sewer and maintenance. We can aid you with all services, which has made our company’s services so great over the years. The last tip is to utilize our contact us page for a free quote, which will guide your next step in the right direction!