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Manufactured Homes vs Modular Homes

March 30, 2020

Manufactured Homes vs Modular Homes

Though the terms “manufactured homes” and “modular homes” are utilized interchangeably in the market and do have similarities, they still have their key differences. Knowing the similarities and differences will help you make an informed decision as a buyer. The following are the things that you need to know.

What is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home is said to be the most recent label used for what was once called a mobile home or trailer. Considered to be inexpensive, small, and follow less strict standards compared to modular or site built homes. Keep in mind these homes are never more than one (1) story. Custom-designed manufactured homes are rarely made as well, which means that buyers can easily choose from homes already built and receive it within days only. Manufactured homes are manufactured in sections at factories. Being inexpensive makes it easily affordable for buyers and allows buyers not to be tied to any significant commitment in terms of monetary or location. Manufactured homes have three (3) available sizes namely single-wide, double-wide, triple wide. It is stated that manufactured homes only comply with Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Though these homes are inspected, it is not required to be structurally approved by an inspector.

What is a Modular Home?

Modular homes are entirely built in factories. It is important that these modular homes are also built with controlled conditions. In addition, it is also vital that they strictly comply with quality-control requirements. Once they are delivered, they are delivered in block segments and neatly assembled on-site. Same as the homes that are built on-site, modular homes also have to meet local, state and regional building codes. Unlike manufactured homes, modular homes need to be structurally approved by inspectors. These homes are customizable and construction usually begins once the buyers decide on the design that they want to go with. Construction can generally take eight to fourteen (8-14) weeks.

Wholesale Manufactured Homes

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